5 reasons why you should use a gift concierge service


  1. Takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful. We have all been there. Trying to find a gift that the recipient loves and which says you have truly thought about the recipient is not easy. Let Imaje help you. Imaje gives all customers a free consultation which will allow me to find out more about the recipient, your relationship with the recipient and what you want your gift to say.

  1. Brilliant time saver

Not only will using Imaje take the stress out of buying a gift but it will save you time as you will not have to take time out to find the gift. Imaje will do the work for you. Imaje can do as much or as little as you like. Image can buy the gift, gift wrap it, send it to the recipient or Imaje can just send you the link to the gift so you can buy it yourself.

  1. Become known as that person who is great at giving gifts

I have been buying gifts for years and am known for coming up with brilliant and unique gifts. Let Imaje help you become that person who is known for giving great gifts.

  1. Treat yourself … You have always wanted a personal shopper but never thought you could afford

Most people would love to have a personal shopper for all of the reasons mentioned above and many more. Well… now you can have one! Imaje is offering a brilliant, top class service that you never thought you needed or could afford. You definitely need Imaje in your life. What is stopping you…? Give Imaje a go.

  1. Accept that you may need help

Not everyone is good at choosing gifts. We have all been there and received a gift that we have graciously accepted and put at the back of a cupboard somewhere. We all have our talents and there is nothing wrong with accepting that gift buying may not be a strength or something you enjoy doing. Let Imaje help you. I have always enjoyed gift buying and can’t wait to use my talents to help you find d that perfect gift.