Tips on what to buy when you want to buy something special for your mum.



My mum’s birthday is coming up and I’ve started thinking of possible gifts. As you can imagine, I always like to go that extra mile. I thought I’d share some of the gifts that I have bought my mum and some useful tips to give you some inspiration.

Past Gifts that I have bought my mum

  1. Girls’ Trip

Last year was a special birthday for my mum. I won’t disclose her age as she wouldn’t be happy! As it was a special birthday, I wanted to get something extra special.

My mum loves travelling so I knew that a trip would be a great idea. I had to figure out where to go. Since watching the film “Girls Trip” my mum has always said that she would love to go to New Orleans so it was easy for me to pick where we would go. When thinking of where you would like to go, dig into your memory bank and have a think about whether there is anywhere that your mum has always wanted to go. If you can’t think of anywhere, there you can get inspiration from sites like or . Try to narrow your search by deciding whether you want a city break, a beach break, how long you want to go for etc. Once you have decided on a where you want to go you need to find some accommodation and work out what you would like to do when you get there. 

I always find to be a great place for finding accommodation. I decided that it would be nice if we stayed in a luxury city centre apartment and found some great options on the site. Better still, I booked in advance but benefitted from’s generous price guarantee policy. Most sites say that they will refund the difference if you find the accommodation cheaper within 24 hours. However,’s policy is that you can claim the difference up until 24 hours before you travel. Therefore, if possible, I try to book on the site. Plus, it helps that the site offers free cancellation on a lot of accommodation.

When planning a trip, I advise that you do not plan every minute –  just book a couple of things but leave some time so that you can be flexible – this is especially useful if you are travelling with a group. I booked a nice restaurant for her birthday dinner, a jazz brunch and a private tour of the city. The whole group really enjoyed themselves!

I also made personalised gift bags for her and all of her friends. Please check out my Instagram page (imaje_uk) for a picture. If you decide to plan a trip and want personalised gift bags – reach out. Imaje can help make her birthday extra special.

  1. Special meal

Sometimes it just nice to take your mum out for a nice meal (or get her a voucher so she can go with whoever she wants). There are so many options that you should consider. You should start off by asking yourself a few questions. What cuisines does she like? Does she have a favourite restaurant? Does her favourite restaurant have a private dining room? A private dining room isn’t always as expensive as you might think and it allows you to make the experience more personal.

If your mum would enjoy it, there are so many places that offer good free flowing deals. One of my favourites in London at the moment is at M restaurant – who are now offering free flowing cocktails as an option and not just free flowing prosecco. The food is pretty decent here so M is definitely a good option. My mum enjoyed brunch at M. It is definitely worth a try. Other places that are quite nice is Intercontinental London. They treated my mum really well and gave her a small gift on Mother’s Day. There are also some really nice restaurants who offer great dining experiences with wine pairings. Do some research. Better still, let Imaje help you find that perfect restaurant/experience.

  1. Luxury item such as a luxury handbag

My mum loves a bargain. She likes good quality items but can’t bring herself to pay the amount required for certain items. A couple of years ago I decided to treat my mother to a luxury handbag which she loved. Before choosing that special item. Think of what she needs/has always wanted but has never or would never buy. If, like me you decide to get a handbag consider whether there is a brand that she particularly likes and if she doesn’t have a favourite brand, research brands and try and determine what brand aligns most with your mother’s taste. As well as going to the brand’s own site, you could go to sites that sell a variety of brands. Sites like are especially good for luxury discounted items.

  1. Mother/Daughter Photoshoot

A few years ago, I took my mum to a mother daughter photoshoot. It was a great gift for a number of reasons. We got to spend some quality together and get pampered. We had our hair and make up done and they served us cocktails. The photographer was great and we got some great photos that we will always have. My mum doesn’t like having her photo taken (and neither do I if I’m honest) so you may wonder how this was a good gift. Well… my mum enjoyed the experience but also enjoyed the fact that she ended up with some professional photos of us. Professional photos always look so much better than amateur photos and they can become treasured memories. As with everything you just need to ensure that you do your research. There are so many companies that offer this service but it is important that you find one that suits your needs and budget. Let Imaje help you and find the right company for you.

General Tips

If you still have no idea, read my blog “Stuck for gift ideas? Top tips  when buying a present for that person who has everything or where you just have no idea what to buy”. Better still, get in touch with me and let Imaje help you get that perfect gift.