Stuck for gift ideas? Top tips when buying a present for that person who has everything or where you just have no idea what to buy.


  1. Talk to the intended recipient

If a person seems to have everything it can be hard to work out what you should get them. We all want to give presents that people will love but that isn’t always easy to do.

It may sound obvious but I would always recommend talking to the recipient. There is nothing wrong with asking them what they need or want. People who have everything will appreciate something that they genuinely need/want. Adopting this route will take away the element of surprise but you can deal with this by either asking them for a list of things and choosing something off that list. You can also use that list as inspiration – items on that list may give you an idea of a unique gift that you may be able to get.

Once you have some ideas, go on to a few sites to check out what they offer. and the are great places to start both when you are looking for ideas or even when you have an idea and just need to find that special gift. If you are willing to splash out, is a great place for unique and luxurious gift ideas.

  1. Think back to experiences you have had with the recipient.

Often experiences or moments that we have with people will be a great starting point for deciding what to get them. For example, you may remember being with someone when they broke something which meant a lot to them and it turned out that it could not be repaired. You could find an exact replacement or something better or better still see if you can find someone to repair it.

Someone may have mentioned a festival or event that they have never been able to get tickets to. Get those tickets. Most tickets can be found (usually at a higher price). With some research, time and perseverance you should be able to find the tickets.

Further, in terms of experiences that you may have shared with the intended recipient – did you go on a trip somewhere and fall in love with a particular cuisine? You could get them a cookbook for that cuisine (on , a cooking masterclass (check out for ideas) or if you are splashing out, you could book another trip. 

 These kinds of gifts show that you listen and care about the person and are always well received. Everybody loves a thoughtful gift.

  1. If you do not know the recipient that well, talk to people who know them better than you do to make sure you don’t get anything that you should avoid

We have all been there – you have to buy a gift for someone that you don’t know that well (i.e., a partner’s family member or where you have been invited to a special birthday of an old family friend who you don’t know that well or haven’t seen in years) and you have no idea what to get them. I would always recommend that you do a bit of recognisance. Research is key! You need to know the basics – i.e.,  do they drink? You don’t want to buy someone alcohol if they don’t drink. How can you find this out? Check their social media. This may sound over the top but so many people put so much information on social media and it is definitely a good place to start. If you see a few photos of them drinking recently, they probably drink! Also, you may get some clues regarding their interests which could help you get some other ideas. I am not suggesting that you become a stalker… but there is nothing wrong with a bit of research. Once you know what you want to get you could ask  someone they know (i.e., your partner) whether they think it is a good gift.

  1. It is true that it is the thought that counts but don’t be afraid to splash out – use Imaje!

Let Imaje do the research and find that gift that makes that special person know how much you mean to them. The gift recipient may be into a particular gadget, I will research and make sure that you get them the best and most up to date version.

Use imaje if you really want to make an impression. I continuously keep an eye on what’s hot, what’s unique and will always go that extra mile to find that perfect gift. Let me help you become that person who becomes known for giving great gifts.